Friday, 18 December 2009

Now, let us count my crimes D:

The start of a new blog is always jarring, I never know what to put as the first post, I want it to start off with a bang but I usually just write a short intro post, which I'm sure is fine but with a title such as epic zombie explosion, I should really cater to the epic that the title suggests, so to start it off here's a video of epic...


Top Gear always a source of undeniable epicness, reliant robin we salute you!

Anyway onto what I actually made this blog for, if you didn't know I'm an a freaking massive geek, I love a lot of geek type things, mostly around games, robots, anime and toys, and I'm dedicating this blog to all those things. I'm going to attempt to post episode reviews, toy reviews and general geekery and awesomiscity to the masses, sure there are loads of blogs that do this, but what's one more gonna hurt C:

So for now I leave you a teaser of what to come, a pic of one of my latest acquisitions:

Bad Idea Kuuga....

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